Fangs God It’s Friday: Abraham Lincoln

Perhaps one of the most oddball choices for a vampire hunter comes from Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. This clever twist on the late President’s political policies covering a secret war against the undead is a book I definitely intend to read one day (my “To Read” list is far more insane than what my Goodreads page would lead you to believe). The book got the Hollywood treatment in 2012 with Benjamin Walker playing the titular hunter. Sadly the film didn’t do so well.

Benjamin Walker plays Abraham Lincoln as a vampire hunter in the film adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's novel


About Bill Blume

Bill Blume discovered his love for the written word while in high school and has been writing ever since. His latest book Gidion's Blood is being released on August 11th by Diversion Books. His short stories have been in many fantasy anthologies and various ezines. Just like the father figure in his first novel, Bill works as a 911 dispatcher for Henrico County Police and has done so for more than a decade. He also served as the 2013 chair for James River Writers in Richmond, which produces one of the nation’s best annual conferences for educating and connecting writers.
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One Response to Fangs God It’s Friday: Abraham Lincoln

  1. pamelaanne68 says:

    I liked the film, but I have yet to read the novel.


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