13 Things About Gidion Keep: Grandpa

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12 Days to Go

Counting down to the release of Gidion’s Blood, I’m revealing some of the little-known facts about the new book and the series. With twelve days to go, let me introduce you to one of the biggest inspirations behind one of the most popular characters from the first book, Gidion’s grandpa.

A lot of things went into building Grandpa. His voice comes from one place, though. I drew on my own grandfather. I think I inherited a lot of my personality from my mom’s dad, despite the fact his beliefs and mine probably don’t share a lot of common ground these days. As I grew up, my mom remarked more than once, “You are stubborn just like your grandfather!”

A picture of me with my grandfather and grandmother on my wedding day.

A picture of me with my grandfather and grandmother on my wedding day back in… well, let’s just say it was back when I had a full head of hair and leave it at that.

Funny thing is that I’ve come to realize that being stubborn is a quality that got me published. The search for a publisher for any story is filled with more rejection than acceptance. The will to survive the submission process requires a lot of faith in your writing and a healthy degree of stubbornness to keep from cracking.

When I imagine Grandpa talking, I hear him in Carl’s voice. Carl didn’t curse near as much as Gidion’s grandpa (at least, he never did in my presence). What stays in there from my granddad is his bull-headed gruffness. That Grandpa uses a pipe to smoke also comes from Carl. It’s worth noting that my other grandfather smoked cigarettes. I once remember my parents saying that each grandfather thought the other was stupid for their preferred methods of smoking (this amused us all).

I’m glad to say there are a lot of qualities my granddad doesn’t share with Gidion’s grandpa, and thankfully, most of those traits are the worst ones. In that respect, Grandpa is made up of many influences. I doubt it would surprise anyone who’s a fan of the Blade films that part of Grandpa’s DNA comes from Blade’s mentor Whistler. Grandpa’s limp and a lot of the vulgarity draw from the character portrayed by Kris Kristofferson. Certain things about Grandpa I discovered as I wrote the books. The heavy drinking and his unforgiving attitude towards feeders, those things made themselves known without any planning.


About Bill Blume

Bill Blume discovered his love for the written word while in high school and has been writing ever since. His latest book Gidion's Blood is being released on August 11th by Diversion Books. His short stories have been in many fantasy anthologies and various ezines. Just like the father figure in his first novel, Bill works as a 911 dispatcher for Henrico County Police and has done so for more than a decade. He also served as the 2013 chair for James River Writers in Richmond, which produces one of the nation’s best annual conferences for educating and connecting writers.
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