Fangs God It’s Friday: Wolverine

Given the release of X-Men: Apocalypse (just got back from seeing it), I felt it appropriate to do a mutant for today’s Fangs God It’s Friday. With that in mind, I’m going for an X-Man who’s gone vamp more than once. If you thought Wolverine’s famed berzerker rage was bad enough, it’s nothing compared to what happens once he tosses in a bad case of bloodlust.

Wolverine as a vampire in "Curse of the Mutants" (left) and "What if...?" (right)

So when I say he’s gone vamp more than once, that’s stretching things just a bit. His first turn as a vampire came in 1991 in an issue of What if…? #24 entitled “What if Wolverine was Lord of the Vampires?” Vampire Wolvie even made a second appearance in What if…? #37 which decided to take that hot mess and combine it with the Marvel crossover storyline of “Inferno.”

It just so happens that the real Wolverine actually got turned into a vampire in the 21st Century in a Marvel Comics storyline, “Curse of the Mutants,” which pit the X-Men against Dracula’s son. The vampires manage to turn the mutant Jubilee, who is almost akin to a daughter or little sister with Wolverine. Naturally, the vampires have her fang Wolvie in a trap, turning him into a vampire, which is really kind of gross given their relationship (EWWWWWW!!!). Naturally, Wolvie being turned into a vampire doesn’t last very long. His mutant healing factor eventually kicks in and puts him back to normal.

By the way, having just seen the newest X-Men film, I’m happy to report it kicks ass. Wolverine shows up, and those who really know their Marvel history will be in for a treat, because he’s looking a little different than usual. I didn’t think they could top what Quicksilver did in Days of Future Past; did they ever prove me wrong. Quicksilver once again steals the show. Best of all, we finally get a Cyclops in film who is more than just Jean Grey’s boyfriend (about damn time).


About Bill Blume

Bill Blume discovered his love for the written word while in high school and has been writing ever since. His latest book Gidion's Blood is being released on August 11th by Diversion Books. His short stories have been in many fantasy anthologies and various ezines. Just like the father figure in his first novel, Bill works as a 911 dispatcher for Henrico County Police and has done so for more than a decade. He also served as the 2013 chair for James River Writers in Richmond, which produces one of the nation’s best annual conferences for educating and connecting writers.
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