Six Worst Draculas: Blade: Trinity

For today’s #3 entry in my countdown of the “Six Worst Draculas,” we’re returning to the silver screen in 2004 for not only one of the worst Draculas but also one of the worst vampire hunter films ever. After two pretty awesome outings as the half-human, half-vampire warrior named Blade, Wesley Snipes returned for Blade: Trinity, and this time the studio decided to roll the dice on adding Dracula as the big villain of the film.

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#3 Dominic Purcell in Blade: Trinity

Dominic Purcell as Dracula in Blade: TrinityTo be fair, the comics offer plenty of reasons to justify adding Dracula into the mix. Blade and the king vampire crossed paths quite a bit in Marvel Comics. Still, the first film had grounded Blade in the real world as much as possible, and while Guillermo Del Toro’s directing turn in Blade II took things to a little less realistic place, the idea of Dracula in the film universe that Blade occupied still felt wrong.

In a weird way, the problem with Dracula in this film mirrored some of my complaints with Dracula in yesterday’s entry. In order to make him bigger and more frightening, the writers gave Dracula a set of powers that didn’t fit with the established universe. As with a lot of my selections for “worst Draculas,” the fault falls less with the actor Dominic Purcell in this case, and more so with the writers.

Ryan Reynolds as Hannibal King next to Pac-Man, the Pomeranian vampire dog from Blade: Trinity. No, seriously.

Pac-Man the Pomeranian Vampire-Dog…still a better villain than Twilight–I mean, Dracula.

The plot of the movie is a near-incoherent mess. Dracula falls into cliche villain strategies. At one point, he escapes from a fight with Blade by tossing a baby away (mind you, Dracula has the upper hand in the fight, so him leaving then makes no sense). Dracula is written to be so boring and unoriginal that even the Pomeranian vampire-dog named Pac-Man is a more interesting villain in the film.

If we also apply the old saying about a person being measured by the quality of their enemies, even Blade doesn’t help Dracula here. Wesley Snipes turned in his worst performance as the infamous Daywalker. The behind-the-scenes drama for this film is well-known and included Snipes and the director being at odds for most of the production. The only redeeming quality of the film was Ryan Reynolds as Hannibal King. He delivers all the best lines in the film.

The actor playing Dracula, Dominic Purcell, must enjoy playing villains, because his most notable role these days is the super-villain Mick Rory a.k.a. Heat Wave which first appeared on The Flash and is now a regular on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Tomorrow will reveal the number two worst Dracula and is one of the most recent outings for Dracula included on my list.

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